Albert thinks ur funny.

Albert says the darnedest things

From the latest episode of the Genius series.

The Austrian emperor speaking to Albert Einstein:
"Herr Einstein, you understand we are not like the Prussians. We have no quarrel with the Jews. As long as you are God-fearing".
Einstein's response:
"Oh, I am, your majesty. Terrified, actually".
Quaero togam pacem.

Yeah. Go and defile other worlds, why don't we?

Why Stephen Hawking's dire warning is all wrong about humans and Earth

"Apart from being spectacularly unscientific, his prophecy is also wrongheaded. Let’s see if I have this right: we have trashed the earth – with the help of science, I might add, given that he asserts technology-gone-wrong is part of our current mess – so now what? Earth be damned, we must save our own hides, and quickly? Ah, yes. So many more planets to ruin, so little time."
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